Who We Are

Turning Knowledge into Action


At the Centre for Coastal Health (CCH), we use knowledge from a wide variety of settings to turn health and disease research involving animals, people, and their shared environments into action.  We are problem-oriented applied scientists trained in public health, veterinary epidemiology, biology, statistics, environmental management and sustainable development. We perform reviews of the scientific literature, design research studies, conduct surveys, undertake field sampling, construct databases, analyze health datasets, evaluate programs, and support policy development. We are particularly interested in using epidemiological and ecosystem health approaches to understand population and public health problems. Our goal is to gather, evaluate, and communicate information to help people manage complex health issues.


Name Position Email Phone
Carl Ribble Director and President cribble@ucalgary.ca 250.753.3245 x 2751
Tyler Stitt Public Health Veterinarian tyler.stitt@viu.ca 250.740.6567
Theresa Burns Veterinary Epidemiologist theresa_burns@hotmail.com 250.753.3245 x 2889
Stefan Iwasawa Research Assistant stefan.iwasawa@viu.ca 250.753.3245 x 2889
Jennifer Dawson Associate Researcher jennifer.dawson-coates@viu.ca 250.753.3245 x 2370
Byron Ribble Website Developer

Board of Directors

Carl Ribble, DVM MSc PhD – Director and President
Professor, Department of Ecosystem and Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary

Jane Parmley, DVM PhD – Vice President
Epidemiologist, Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance (CIPARS), Public Health Agency of Canada

Sue Pollock, MSc MD FRCPC – Secretary
Medical Health Officer, BC Interior Health Authority

Theresa Burns, DVM MSc PhD – Treasurer
Epidemiologist, Centre for Coastal Health