National Teleconference Rounds

Rounds on research in emerging disease topics are held online via Zoom, four times a year from September to March, from 10:00 – 11:00 am PST. Instructions and links, as well as announcements for upcoming rounds, will be emailed to the ADED community.

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2023-2024 Academic Year  
April 16, 2024 Connor Meyer                                             PhD Candidate, University of Montana Parasitic Infection in a Social Carnivore: T. gondii Exposure Increases Risky Decision Making in Gray Wolves
Feb 20, 2024 Dr Elena Garde                                           Co-director The Global Alliance for Animals and People One Health and our Dogs and Cats: Using Chile as a case study
Nov 14, 2023 Dr Emily Jenkins                                    University of Saskatchewan, Department of Veterinary Microbiology Emerging issues with Echinococcus in Canada
2022-2023 Academic Year  
21-Mar-2023 Dr Ellen Boyd                                         UBC School of Population and Public Health & BC Ministry of Agriculture Tracking Zoonotic Viral Outbreaks: SARS-CoV-2 in American Mink
  Dr Cassandra Andrew                            UBC School of Population and Public Health                                                        &                                                               Dr Shannon Russell                                  BC Center for Disease Control Public Health Laboratory Avian Influenza in Western Canada
21-Feb-2023 Dr Judy Hodge & Dr Doris Leung   Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System Asian Longhorned Tick preparedness
22-Nov-2022 Dr Bob Gerlach                                   Alaska State Veterinarian Domestic / Wildlife Interactions – Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae, Alaska update 2022
2021-2022 Academic Year  
12-Apr-2022 Dr Susan Kutz                                Department of Ecosystem and Public Health, University of Calgary Lessons learned, and opportunities to advance, One Health surveillance in the Arctic
18-Jan-2022 Dr Jane Parmley                        Department of Population Medicine, University of Guelph Rethinking disease threats to make room for health benefits
19-Oct-2021 Dr Craig Stephen Reflections on ADED. Is there a need for a transformative view of One Health?
2020-2021 Academic Year  
16-Mar-2021 Dr Pádraig (Patrick) J. Duignan         Director of Pathology, The Marine Mammal Centre Fresh water skin disease in dolphins: a case definition based on pathology and environmental factors in Australia
19-Jan-2021 Dr Kaylee Byers
Deputy Director, BC Node of the CWHC
What rat movement reveals about rat-associated health risks
  Elise Blake
Simon Fraser University
The Year of the Rat: Hepatitis E in Urban Rats
17-Nov-2020 Dr Michelle Barbieri
Veterinary Medical Officer, NOAA Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program
Toxoplasmosis in the endangered Hawaiian monk seal
  Dr Katie Colegrove
Clinical Professor, Zoological Pathology Program, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois
15-Sept-2020 Cancelled  
2019-2020 Academic Year  
17-Mar-2020 Cancelled  
21-Jan-2020 Dr Elemir Simko
Department of Veterinary Pathology, WCVM
Honey bee biology, beekeeping and bee diseases
    Bee Medicine for bee vets – addendum and handout
19-Nov-2019 Dr John Harding
Medical Health Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority; Medical Director, Communicable Disease Control
Case Report: Rabies in BC
  Dr Mayank Singal
Physician Epidemiologist, BCCDC
Provincial increase in demand for RPEP
  Dr Erin Fraser
Public Health Veterinarian, BCCDC
Increase in reporting of potential rabies exposures in BC
  Kim Knowles
Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory Supervisor, CFIA, Ottawa Laboratory-Fallowfield
Diagnosis of rabies in humans
17-Sep-2019 Kayla Buhler
PhD Graduate Student, Dept. of Veterinary Microbiology, Western College of Veterinary Medicine
Vector-borne Zoonoses: The Role of Wildlife Sentinels in Northern Canada
  Dr Lauren Tindale
Postdoctoral Fellow, BC Centre for Disease Control and University of BC
&                                                                           Dr Michelle Coombe
PhD Candidate, School of Population and Public Health, University of BC
Novel genomic approach to avian influenza surveillance
2018-2019 Academic Year  
12-Mar-2019 Dr Kristin Mansfield
Wildlife Veterinarian, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Elk hoof disease in Southwest Washington
22-Jan-2019 Dr Matilde Tomaselli
PhD Program Alumna, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary
Participatory wildlife health and disease surveillance: a promising new field
 20-Nov-2018 Dr Julia Keenliside                                  Veterinary Epidemiologist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Investigation into E. coli O157:H7 in swine and cattle associated with an outbreak of human illness in Alberta
18-Sep-2018 Dr Michael Drebot
Director, Zoonotic Diseases and Special Pathogens, National Microbiology Laboratory
Emerging mosquito-borne viruses: At home and abroad
  Dr Joel Hutcheson
Centre for Vector-Borne Disease, National Centre for Animal Diseases, CFIA
The Asian longhorned tick – In the US and Coming to Canada
2017-2018 Academic Year  
03-Apr-2018 Dr Jacques Godfroid
Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics, Department of Arctic and Marine Biology, University of Tromsø, Norway
Zoonotic diseases without pandemic potential, like brucellosis, are in need of innovative One Health approaches
 16-Jan-2018 Dr Martin Haulena
Head Veterinarian, Vancouver Aquarium
Cryptococcosis in stranded marine mammals in British Columbia
 21-Nov-2017 Dr Dean Middleton
Public Health Ontario
A descriptive analysis of rabies post-exposure prophylaxis data: Ontario, 2013
19-Sep-2017 Lori Salzer
Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife
White-Nose Syndrome Response
  Dr Glenna McGregor
B.C. Ministry of Agriculture
Battling for Bats: BC’s response to the threat of White Nose Syndrome
2016-2017 Academic Year  
21-Mar-2017 Dr Ilona Houston
Veterinary Clinician, Edmonton
Salmonella outbreak in backyard flocks in Alberta – are owners at risk?
17-Jan-2017 Dr Jasmine Dhillon
Veterinary Epidemiologist, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Strategies and Solutions: Various pathways for successful dog population management and dog bite prevention in remote indigenous communities
  Dr Catherine Filejski
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario Public Health
Non-surgical dog population management strategies in Ontario’s remote northern communities
22-Nov-2016 Dr Chelsea Himsworth
Veterinary Diagnostic Pathologist, Animal Health Centre, BC Ministry of Agriculture
The Proof is in the Pond Scum! Genomics Analysis of Wetland Sediments as a New Tool for Avian Influenza Surveillance in Wild Waterfowl
20-Sep-2016 Michael Yabsley
University of Georgia
A One Health approach to the study of the raccoon roundworm Baylisascaris procyonis
2015-2016 Academic Year  
15-Mar-2016 Dr Martin Haulena
Head Veterinarian, Vancouver Aquarium
Part 2: Sea star wasting syndrome: summary and ecological overview
  Jessica Schultz
Howe Sound Research Program, Vancouver Aquarium
Part 1: Sea star wasting syndrome: summary and ecological overview
19-Jan-2016 Jordi Segers
CWHC, Atlantic
Bat White-nose Syndrome in Canada
17-Nov-2015 Dr Muhammad Morshed
Lyme disease Expanding in the East Coast-What is Happening in the West: Closer look Through Vector-Host Surveillance
22-Sep-2015 Dr Melissa McLaws
Surveillance and Control of Foot and Mouth Disease: Following the Progressive Control Pathway
2014-2015 Academic Year  
17-Mar-2015 Dr Dean Middleton
Public Health Ontario
Human rabies post exposure prophylaxis and animal rabies in Ontario, 2001-2012
20-Jan-2015 Dr Susan Kutz
Department of Ecosystem and Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary
The pivotal role of healthy wildlife in combatting food insecurity in the Arctic
18-Nov-2014 Dr Mike Cranfield
Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project
A One Health Approach to Eastern Gorilla Conservation
16-Sept-2014 Dr Lucy Keatts
Wildlife Conservation Society
Surveillance for Zoonotic Diseases at wildlife-human interfaces in mainland Southeast Asia
2013-2014 Academic Year  
15-Mar-2014 Dr Katherine Haman Great Shearwater mortality events along the eastern coast of the US: do oceanographic parameters play a role?
  Barbara Schock
Southwestern Cooperative Disease Study and Warnell School of Forestry, University of Georgia
Diversity of piroplasms in blood-fed and questing Ixodid ticks.
21-Jan-2014 Kathryn Berger
Department of Ecosystem and Public Health, University of Calgary
Spatio-temporal patterns of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) occurrence in the Continental USA (1980-2010)
18-Feb-2014 Dr Carmencita Lake
Carmen Lake & Associates
Antimicrobial utilization and resistance in companion animal veterinary medicine in Vancouver, British Columbia
21-Jan-2014 Dr Kimberlee Beckmen
Wildlife Veterinarian, Division of Wildlife Conservation, Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game
Enhanced rabies surveillance in Alaskan wildlife: detection of new host range and risk to trappers
17-Dec-2013 Dr Colin Chapman
McGill University
What determines animal abundance? The roles of disease, nutrition, and stress
19-Nov-2013 Dr Chelsea Himsworth
Veterinary Diagnostic Pathologist, Animal Health Centre, BC Ministry of Agriculture
The Year of the Rat: Themes and Lessons from the Vancouver Rat Project
22-Oct-2013 Karen Gesy
Zoonotic Parasite Research Unit, University of Saskatchewan
Echinicoccus multilocularis, an emerging zoonotic tapeworm in wildlife and domestic dogs in Canada
2012-2013 Academic Year  
16-Apr-2013 Dr Vikram Misra
Prof. and Head, Dept. of Microbiology, Western College of Veterinary Medicine
Role of bats in disease emergence
19-Mar-2013 Dr Chelsea Himsworth
Veterinary Diagnostic Pathologist, Animal Health Centre, BC Ministry of Agriculture
The Vancouver Rat Project: A small taste of the dynamic interplay among rats, cities, people and pathogens
19-Feb-2013 Dr Patrick Leighton
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Montreal
Parasite co-invasion and the emergence of Lyme disease in Canada
22-Jan-2013 Dr Liz VanWormer
University of California, Davis, Wildlife Health Center
Tracing Toxoplasma gondii from land to sea:a One Health approach to studying pathogen pollution
18-Dec-2012 Dr Katherine Haman
National Institutes of HealthDepartment of Zoology, Fisheries Centre, UBC
Marine mammals as sentinals of land-to-sea flow of coccidian parasites in the Pacific Northwest
20-Nov-2012 Dr Sylvain Larrat
CCWHC, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Université de Montréal
Preventing human trichinellosis acquired from walrus meat in the Canadian North: The successful example of the Nunavik Trichinellosis Prevention Program (NTPP)See also: From science to action and from action to science: the Nunavik Trichinellosis Prevention Program
16-Oct-2012 Manon Simard
Wildlife Parasitologist, Nunavik Research Centre
Anisakid nematodes in marine mammals and fish from Eastern Canadian Arctic waters
18-Sep-2012 Rita Finley
Enteric Surveillance Division, Centre for Food-borne, Environmental and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, PHAC
Pets, Pet Food and Public Health
2011-2012 Academic Year  
17-Apr-2012 Dr Victoria Ng
Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses, Department of Population and Medicine, University of Guelph
Quantitative Approach to the Prioritization of Zoonotic Diseases in Canada and the US
20-Mar-2012 Dr Theresa Burns
University of Calgary
Exploration of the wild bird – poultry farm interface in British Columbia and Ontario
21-Feb-2012 Dr Justin Brown
Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia
Understanding the epidemiology of avian influenza virus in the gull and shorebird reservoir systems
17-Jan-2012 Dr Colleen Duncan
Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology, Colorado State University
Coxiella burnetii in Northern Fur Seals: Cause for concern or have red herrings infiltrated the Pacific Herring niche?
20-Dec-2011 Dr David Abraham
Greendale (Field Station), Thrissur, India; Department of Ecosystem and Public Health, University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine
Risk factors for Tuberculosis Infection in Captive Elephants in Southern India
15-Nov-2011 Lisa Werden
Ontario Veterinary College
The Lyme disease cycle in the 1000 Islands region of Ontario
18-Oct-2011 Dr Paul Sockett
Communicable Disease Control Division, Primary Health Care and Public Health Directorate, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
First Nations “Dog Tales”Dog related human health issues: Understanding the Risks and Finding Solutions. A collaboration with First Nations Communities
20-Sep-2011 Sarah Olsen
Wildlife Epidemiologist, Wildlife Conservation Society
Optimizing fecal surveys for emerging infectious disease surveillance in the Republic of Congo
2010-2011 Academic Year  
19-Apr-2011 Dr Brett Elkin
Wildlife Veterinarian, Government of the Northwest Territories
Anthrax in free-ranging Wood Bison 1962-2011: History, Management and Research Needs
15-Mar-2011 Dr Craig Stephen
President, Centre for Coastal HealthProfessor, University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine
Policy of Emerging Diseases – Experiences from Asia
15-Feb-2011 Dr Michael Drebot
Chief of Viral Zoonoses, Zoonotic Diseases and Special Pathogens, National Microbiology Laboratory
Newly Recognized Arbovirus Variants of Animal and Public Health Significance
18-Jan-2011 Dr Douglas Campbell
Pathologist, CCWHC, Ontario and Nunavut Region
Type E Botulism on the Lower Great Lakes
14-Dec-2010 Dr Todd Shury
Wildlife Health Specialist (Wildlife Veterinarian),Parks Canada, U of S
Re-emergence of sylvatic plague insouthern Saskatchewan during 2010
16-Nov-2010 Manon Simard
Wildlife Parasitologist, Nunavik Research Centre
IPY Zoonotic disease results and communication to Inuit communities
19-Oct-2010 Dr Erin Rees
Spatial Epidemiologist, Faculté de médecine vétérinaire, Université de Montréal
Raccoon Rabies in Québec: a landscape approach to target surveillance and fine-tune disease control
21-Sep-2010 Dr Michael Grigg
Chief Investigator, Molecular Parasitology Unit
Wild birds indigenous to the Victoria outbreak of human toxoplasmosis are reservoirs of virulent Type I Toxoplasma gondii
2009-2010 Academic Year  
20-Apr-2010 Cancelled Cancelled
16-Mar-2010 Linda Vrbova
PhD, School of Population and Public Health, UBC
Emerging Zoonoses Surveillance: Using Animal Data for Public Health
16-Feb-2010 Mr James Dunlop
Deputy Project Manager, Fore-CANTDV Global Inc
Application of Foresight to the Canadian Animal Health Emergency Management System – Insights from the Fore-CAN Project
19-Jan-2010 Dr William (Bill) Bowie
Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, UBC
Risk Assessment in Animal Health
15-Dec-2009 Dr David Patrick
Director, Epidemiology Services, BCCDCProfessor, School of Population and Public Health, UBC
Pandemic H1N1 Influenza: What Have We Learned, Are (Were) We Ready and What Do You Need to Know?
17-Nov-2009 Dr Kate Sawford
PhD, Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Calgary
Obstacles and Opportunities for Animal Disease Surveillance in Sri Lanka
  Dr Amanda Salb MSc
Dept. of Medical Science, U of CalgaryResident, Zoological Medicine, St. Louis Zoo
Predicting and detecting anthrax outbreaks in Northern Canada – can we see the bison for the trees?
20-Oct-2009 Dr Chelsea Himsworth
Senior Resident, Veterinary Anatomic Pathology, WCVM
The emergence of sylvatic Echinococcusgranulosus as a parasitic zoonosisof public health concern in an Indigenous Canadian community
  Dr Emily Jenkins
Assistant Professor, Veterinary Public Health & Food SafetyAssistant Joint Member, School of Public Health
Recent emergence of alveolar hydatid disease (Echinococcus multilocularis) in northcentral British Columbia?
ADED Rounds from 2003 to 2009  
21-April-2009 Dr Jane Pritchard
Long Term Technical Administrator, Livestock Health Extension Services Project, ChinaBCMAL
Rabies in China: A personal review
  Dr John Pasick
Classical Swine Fever and Avian Diseases UnitNational Centre for Foreign Animal Disease
Avian Influenza Surveillance in Canadian Wild Birds, 2005 to 2007
17-March-2009 Dr Erin Leonard,PhD Candidate
Epidemiology, Ontario Veterinary College
Salmonella spp, Campylobacter spp, and Giardia spp in dogs in southwestern Ontario, 2005-2006 and present
  Samantha Allen
Masters student, University of Guelph, Department of Pathobiology
Antimicrobial resistance in generic E. coli isolated from wildlife living in rural, urban and natural environments
17-Feb-2009 Danna Schock
Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary
The role of infectious diseases in global amphibian declines
  Dr. Tyler Stitt
Public Health Veterinarian, Centre for Coastal Health
The potential impacts of american bullfrogs on drinking water quality
20-Jan-2009 Jack Teng
PhD Candidate. UNC, Dept. of Resource Management & Environmental Studies
Infection risk to tick borne zoonoses in relation to land use in rural areas
  Stefan Iwasawa
Biologist, Centre for Coastal Health
A pilot study to inventory tick species, tick distribution and the presence of an emerging zoonotic pathogen (Borrelia burgdorferi) on Vancouver Island
16-Dec-2008 Dr. Emily JenkinsAssistant Professor, Dept of Veterinary Microbiology, WCVM Climate change and public health: furtune telling vs. Fourier Analysis
18-Nov-2008 Dr. Margot Parkes
Editor for the Journal of EcoHealthFellowship from the Canadian Institute for Health research
A Canadian community of practice in Ecosystem Approaches to health: Building capacity to address the determinants of health and sustainability
28-Oct-2008 Dr. Brian Radke
Public Health Veterinarian, BCCDC
One World, One Health: How many Economies?
20-May-2008 Dr. Vikram Misra
Professor Department of Microbiology, WCVM
A preliminary survey of viruses of bats of Canada
15-April-2008 Dr. Mira Leslie
Public Health Veterinarian (Food Safety and Quality Branch, BCMAL)
Challenges in rabies surveillance and control in the Pacific Northwest
18-March-2008 Dr. Sue Pollock
Canadian Field Epidemiology Program (PHAC)Dr. Lea BordenResearch Associate Centre for Coastal HealthDr. Michele AnholtMSc Candidate University of Calgary
An animal health data inventory for Canada: sources and opportunities for integrated surveillance.
19-Feb-2008 Dr Liz Dykstra
Public Health Entomologist, Zoonotic Disease Program, WA Dept of Health
Canine Leptospirosis Surveillance in Washington
18-Dec-2007 Dr. Gary Wobeser
Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre, Department of Veterinary Pathology, University of Saskatchewan
Tularemia in wild rodents and lagomorphs in Canada
20-Nov-2007 Sunny Mak
MSc. Medical Geographer, BC Centre for Disease Control
Ecological Niche Modeling of Cryptococcus gattii in British Columbia
  Caroline Millins
MSc Candidate, Department of Veterinary Pathology, University of Saskatchewan
House Sparrow Nestlings as Sentinels for West Nile Virus in Saskatchewan
16-Oct-2007 Dr. Colleen Duncan, DVM MSC
PhD Candidate, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
Bovine viral diarrhea virus in wildlife
  Dr. Bruce McNab, DVM PhD
Office of the Chief Veterinarian, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Guelph Ontario
Simple Disease Spread Models and Schematics
18-Sept-2007 Dr. David Patrick
Associate Professor, UBC Director, Epidemiology Services, BC Centre for Disease Control
The Impact of Imported European Infectious Diseases on Aboriginal Health.
19-Jun-2007 Dr. Joan Robinson
Stollery Childrens’ Hospital Edmonton, Alberta
Swine Influenza in Humans – What’s happened since 1976
22-May-2007 Dr. David Léger and Dr. Sheryl Gow
Laboratory for Foodborne Zoonoses, Public Health Agency of Canada.
On-Farm Swine – A pilot framework for antimicrobial use & resistance surveillance.
  Dr. Dale Douma
Dept of Large Animal Clinical Science, Western College of Veterinary Medicine
Environmental distribution of M. paratuberculosis on cow-calf farms with clinical Johne’s disease in western Canada
17-April-2007 Dr. Lea Berrang Ford
Environmental Epidemiologist – Medical Geographer, Public Health Agency of Canada, LFZ & CIDPC-FWZID
Spatial and temporal analyses of sleeping sickness re-emergence in SE Uganda
20-Mar-2007 Dr Susan Kutz
Associate Professor of Wildlife and Ecosystem Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary
Community-based Monitoring of Wildlife Health in the NWT
  Dr. Jane Pritchard
Public Health Veterinarian, BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
On-farm baseline surveillance for zoonotic enteric pathogens within the lower Fraser River valley.
20-Feb-2007 Dr. Harvey Artsob
Director, Zoonotic Diseases and Special Pathogens, National Microbiology Laboratory, Public Health Agency of Canada
Overview of hantavirus activity and the occurrence of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in Canada.
  David SafronetzPhD candidate, Medical Microbiology, University of Manitoba, Zoonotic Diseases and Special Pathogens, National Microbiology Laboratory, Public Health Agency of Canada Sin Nombre virus prevalence and transmission in deer mice in southern Manitoba
23-Jan -2007 Dr. John Prescott
Professor and Chair, Department of Pathobiology, University of Guelph
Canine leptospirosis in Canada: Climate change, raccoons, increased awareness, or what?
19 -Dec-2006 Dr John Berezowski
Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
Text mining; a tool for animal health surveillance
  Dr Damien Joly
Senior Science Advisor – Wildlife Health Field Veterinary Program Wildlife Conservation Society
Epizootiology of avian influenza in Asian wild birds: a Mongolian case study
21-Nov-2006 Eleni Galanis
Physician Epidemiologist, BC Centre for Disease Control
Spread of Cryptococcus gattii, an emerging fungal pathogen, from Vancouver Island to the Mainland.
  Dr. Muhammad G. Morshed
Senior Scientist, Laboratory Services, BCCDC and Clinical Associate Professor, Pathology Laboratory Medicine, UBC
An update of Relapsing fever in BC
17-Oct-2006 Dr. Brett Elkin
Wildlife Veterinarian, Wildlife Division, GNWT Environment Natural Resources
Anthrax in Free-Ranging Wood Bison 1962-2006. History, management and research needs.
  Renee Sebastian
Field Epi, Public Health Agency of Canada, British Columbia Centre for Disease Control
Anthrax in Saskatchewan, 2006: Assessing Human Exposures.


Dr. Scott Weese
Department of Clinical Studies, Ontario Veterinary College
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in companion animals: implications for public health
  Dr. Jane Parmley
Epidemiologist, Centre for Coastal Health
Avian influenza: Canadian wild bird survey, 2005
18-Apr-2006 Norma Ruecker
PhD candidate, University of Calgary
The public health significance of zoonotic species of Cryptosporidium in drinking water
  Dr. Nancy de With
Epidemiologist, BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
Antimicrobial resistance on broiler farms in the Fraser Valley, BC
21-Mar-2006 Dr. John Berezowski
Alberta Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development
Veterinary practice surveillance in Alberta
  Amandeep Nandra
MSc candidate, UBC
Diversity of tissue-dwelling coccidia in BC birds
17-Jan-2006 Dr. Sue Pollock
Community medicine resident, University of British Columbia
Is it safe to eat bear meat? Anatomy of an outbreak of trichinosis on Vancouver Island, 2005
  Dr. Connie Argue
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Epidemiology of an outbreak of chronic wasting disease on elk farms in Saskatchewan
22-Nov-2005 Dr. Nick Ogden
Department of Pathology and Microbiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Montreal
Ixodes scapularis and Lyme disease spread in Canada: Climate change and migratory birds
  Dr. Josh Waddington
BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
Interspecies transmission of Influenza A virus in the Fraser Valley, BC
20-Sep-2005 Stephen Parker
Canadian Network for Public Health Intelligence, Public Health Agency of Canada
Making Canada a world leader in public health intelligence management
  Dr. William Bowie
Professor of Infectious Disease, Faculty of Medicine, UBC
Leptospirosis: in a traveller, and in a country
    WHO –Human Leptospirosis: Guidance for diagnosis, surveillance and control
21-Jun-2005 Dr. Corinne Ong
Senior Scientist, BC Centre for Disease Control and Assistant Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC
Cyclosporiasis: an emerging zoonotic disease?
  Dr. Karen Bartlett
Assistant Professor Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar, School of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, UBC
Cryptococcus gattii in British Columbia: temporary visa or landed immigrant?
17-May-2005 Rita Finley
Foodborne, Waterborne & Zoonotic Infections Division, Public Health Agency of Canada
Bacteria in commercially available pet treats and raw food diets: prevalence survey and canine feeding trial
  Kate Thomas
Foodborne, Waterborne & Zoonotic Infections Division, Public Health Agency of Canada

A possible role of high impact weather events in waterborne disease outbreaks in Canada, 1975-2001

22-Mar-2005 Dr. David Léger and Brent Avery
Laboratory for Foodborne Zoonoses, Public Health Agency of Canada
The Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance – Retail Meat Program
  Dr. Muhammad Morshed
UBC Centre for Disease Control
The Role of Passerine Birds in Dispersing Lyme Disease Spirochete Vector Ticks in Non Endemic Area: Proposal for an Extended Study
22-Feb-2005 Laura MacDougall
Epidemiologist, BC Centre for Disease Control
Tularemia in pet rodents imported into British Columbia
02-Feb-2005 Dr. Sarah Randolph
Professor of Parasite Ecology, Oxford University
Biotic layers in GIS for predicting emergent disease risk
  Dr. John Campbell
Professor, Large Animal Clinical Sciences,WCVM
Tracking animal movement and emerging diseases: A case study of BSE
23-Nov-2004 Dr. Alvin Gajadhar
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Introduction to the CFIA Centre for Parasitology and its work on novel parasites
  Dr. Michael Grigg
Professor of Infectious Disease, UBC
Sex, Virulence and Ecology: the Toxoplasma success story
19-Oct-2004 Dr. Patricia Daly
Communicable Disease Control, Medical Health Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
Public health response to rabies in skunks in Vancouver’s Stanley Park
  Dr. Tasha Epp
MSc candidate, WCVM

West Nile virus in horses

21-Sept 2004 Dr. Jane Parmley
PhD candidate, Epidemiology, OVC
Evaluating the usefulness of human health databases in the surveillance of zoonotic, enteric disease in Alberta
  Shannon Majowicz
PhD candidate, Epidemiology, OVC
Burden and distribution of gastrointestinal illness in the community
22-Jun-2004 Dr. Ron LewisBC chief veterinarian, BCMAFF Canadian laboratory response to an animal health emergency: recent experience with avian influenza in BC
  Dr. John PasickCanadian Food Inspection Agency Characterization of H7N3 viruses isolated during the BC Avian influenza outbreak
16-Mar-2004 Dr. Harvey Artsob
Director, Zoonotic Diseases and Special Pathogens, National Microbiology Laboratory, Health Canada
West Nile virus: research challenges and opportunities presented from this flavivirus
21-Jan-2004 Sheila McCarthy
PhD candidate, Epidemiology, UBC
Application of network theory to communicable disease research
  Dr. Colleen Duncan
MSc candidate Epidemiology, WCVM
An overview of a multispecies outbreak of Cryptococcus neoformans gattii on Vancouver Island
26-Nov-2003 Dr. Melissa McLaws
PhD candidate, Epidemiology, OVC
Surveillance and early detection of foot and mouth disease
. Dr. Claire Jardine
PhD candidate, Pathology, WCVM
Rodent associated Bartonella in Saskatchewan